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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Welcome to IrishTimesWatch!

If you are tired of the sanctimonious drivel spooned out to you from a pulpit by the likes of Fintan O'Toole and Vincent Browne, if you have started to question the objectivity and explanations of international events by esteemed reporters such as Lara Marlowe and Nuala Haughey, if you feel that all the Irish Times contributes to public debate in Ireland in a self-congratulatory, self-obsessed style of news, I believe you have come to the right place.

Inspired by TimesWatch, a site dedicated to exposing the shameful reporting by the New York Times, TheIrishTimesWatch will focus on daily reports and polemics by Ireland's "newspaper of record." I myself have spent enough time trying to get my point across to contradict and disprove what I read in the Irish Times, so what better way than to put it all together in a blog?

Rather than degenerating into a repetitive moan about a style and angle of writing of which I disprove, I wish to contribute something: through researching my objections, I hope to show readers that - believe it or not - there is a world outside this D'Olier Street operation.


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